MSI did their research obviously in the area of user wants and this board will surely find its home in many an enthusiast’s machine. Although hardcore overclockers would prefer to tweak their overclocking parameters manually, D. I did an install with version. The most critical component would be the memory as D. For more information, please refer to the article here. Will let you know the results.

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Also re-installing Promise XP drivers won’t help. Did you ever find a solution to your problem? One more reboot and everything worked.

Promise S-ATA no devices found BIOS not installed MSI NEO p – TechSpot Forums

Because if you go to the standard CMOS it says rimary, secondary, third and fourth?? So far so good!

For those who have caught up with reviews of the PE, they would have found out that PAT could be easily enabled by some sort of a cheat method – normally done at the BIOS level. We managed to hit 1. Introduction MSI is still working their way to the top and has seemed to take a solid hold on the number two position as far as volume sales goes here in the states. In terms of overclockability, the board has the ability to hit up to MHz 1. Note the 6 USB ports!

MSI Promise 20378 S-ATA RAID/Ultra Drivers Free Driver Download

But still no S-ATA drive can be found. Nothing can compare with their proomise range of voltage and frequency tweaks given for the hardcore overclocker. Also looked on the MSI site, but what they’re saying does not work at all! No for a moment I thought I was lucky.


However, when we look closer you’ll see an auto and user mode for the Core Cell, allowing you freedom of choice. The board comes with five PCI slots – more than enough to meet most expansion needs. Let’s make sure your drivers are all installed. There are a couple of settings to D. Fancy an external Firewire hard drive, networking via Firewire or transferring videos from DV-Cameras?

If one of your motherboard drivers is out of date or missing, you can select it for download. However, if you want to use these two ports together with the two Ultra ATA ports provided by the ICH5R, you’ll need to use Microsoft’s Windows XP Professional operating system as other older legacy operating systems will not support six storage devices on a single southbridge.


MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R Won Editor’s Choice Award by | MSI Global

Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. For 2078 information about this article, please refer to Neoseek. On-board sound is almost a given on any high-end motherboard produced today and the K8T provides the user 6 Channel software audio codec lromise the Realtek ALC chipset that utilizes theAC97 link controller integrated promkse VT Due to the more economically priced chipset solution from VIA since they are less complexKT motherboards are generally more competitively priced than an identically featured board on the NVIDIA platform.


Note that when enabling D. So when the system gets hot for instance the CoreCell kicks in and increases the fan speeds and decreases the power consumption.

In this case that’s MSI. Can’t find anything about in the BIOS however. For more information, please refer to the article here.

Hopefully your manual has the correct info,all the connectors should be colour coded.

Hello Peterdiva, thanks for your reply. Those who are contented by a simple sound subsystem, an on-board CMIA, 6-channel surround sound codec takes care of those needs at no extra cost.

This is getting really frustrating! The P are just faster chips which meet the strict timing standards set by Intel. It might have fared even better had its performance been beefed up for FSBDDR operation and the CPU multiplier problem fixed, but 4 stars is still a pretty good rating for all the other enticing attributes found on this board.