It was not very detailed but I managed. October 29th, 4. I googled ’til my fingers were raw and still nothing. Whether the parport card uses some version of the standard register addresses and bit assignments. Wed Sep 14, 3:

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I was starting to set up LinuxCNC but couldn’t get my parallel port adapter to work. Edit the makefile and remove that phrase wherever you see it.

The and are serial, which won’t work of course. First, make sure your system “sees” the card with the following: Even though it is already in English, I modified and rewrote it here so it makes more sense and added more detailes. Card actually has a parallel port. The instructions were to vague and after googling, it seems the driver was to mschip and the manufacturer stopped supporting it. I’ve found one available at some local dealer – it says Moschip MCS most probably that one you’ve mentioned?


There may be other error messages earlier in the output, make sure there are none. Unfortunately the errors are indication of API change and not compatible with the kernel you’re using. The first file, has to be created and the info added to it. Myself could compile the 99xx driver on linux August 7th, 1. So, the card arrived and is pluged into: And secondly, a big thank you.

Adding support for MosChip 9912 PCIe (serial/parallel) cards

I recently upgraded my computer hardware which didn’t come with a parallel port. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. NetMos Technology Device I was able to hook up my parallel port relay to this PCI card. I ended up returning this cable to Frys.

Im using ubuntu 8.

Gentoo Forums :: View topic – usb 2 parallel cable-unable to compile MosChip driver

Warnings shouldn’t trigger the bomb Then try building it again. You should be able to just remove the -Wno-unused-but-set-variable from the Makefile. November 14th, 5.


It will probably be different on yours.

However use the attached latest driver and see whether you could moschio this problem or not. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. NetMos Technology Device lspci -v [cut] You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I also sent mails to Moschip Support mosdhip the below is ehat they replied: It sounds like you might be able to make it work with BIOS tweaks, then, but it is hard to know which tweaks are needed.

Join Date Aug Beans 1. I tried the following combinations all with the same adapter card: September 12th, 9.