Stop If a page you are trying to view is taking too long to open, click this button to stop. The distance between the receiver and the wireless mouse or keyboard should not exceed 4. Remove any existing keyboard software from the computer. Make sure the batteries are placed in the correct direction by following the polarity signs in the battery compartment. For more detailed information please read the online help by right clicking on the KeyMaestro Mouse icon in the Windows task bar and select Help. Any combination is available. First impressions are key to forging a new relationship.

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On the design side, the keyboard is flat as opposed to vaulted or vertical and the keys are laid out in the old classic keyboard style i. One port to connect them all by Dong Ngo. Vertical Scroll Bar Sets the cursor to the vertical scroll bar to scroll the document vertically.

Remember which channel you selected. Double click on AutoRun. Whenever you want to set the IDs of both the keyboard and mouse, you must first set the receiver ID and keyboard ID, and then set the receiver ID and mouse ID, as described in this procedure.

Stop Stops the playing of the CD player. Turn the keyboard over and find the battery compartment. Peripherals by David Carnoy Jul 2, There should be a minimum of 8 inches clearance between the receiver and the monitor. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


If the ID button is pressed more than once time during the mouse setup step 6you must start over with step 5 and set the receiver ID. As for comfort, the name of the suite says it all, EZ Touch.

Memorex RF Wireless EZ Touch – keyboard and mouse set Overview – CNET

If Microsoft Office Applications are not fully ,emorex, these keys can only see the onscreen display and do not work. The RF has a fairly loud, mechanical keypad reminiscent of older terminal and early PC keyboards.

This function is available only on certain computers. The best multidevice Bluetooth keyboard yet The best multidevice Bluetooth keyboard yet by David Carnoy.

If the above instructions do not solve your problem, memore contact Memorex technical support at Is it live toll freeor visit us online at www. If your special function keys do not work properly after installing the KeyMaestro software, please make sure that there are no other keyboard or mouse software programs installed.

Memorex RF7000 Manuals

However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. The ESC key or any other keys except the mark, up, down, right, left, home, end, page up or page down key will release the mark function. Mouse does not work accurately: The descriptions of the enhanced office keys’ functions are for reference and may not reflect your keyboard exactly. To install the keyboard driver software: If you want to reinstall the software for some reason, you must remove the Keyboard driver from your computer first.


Memorex RF User Manual | Page 5 / 24

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. Once the USB Receiver is finished being detected, continue to step 3. So much great stuff, so little money required.

Memorex 7000 EZ Touch 32021434 Wireless Keyboard

For further information regarding warranty service please go to www. Using the Mouse 13 8. If the LED on the Receiver blinks steadily, then it has made the connection. We recommend that you contact the software application dealer or download new versions to upgrade your applications rff7000 Microsoft Website.

Advanced radio frequency technology means reliable performance and optimum accuracy. For more detailed information, please refer to Section 5 of this manual for proper uninstallation instructions. Simply memrex the mouse or click on the buttons to wake it up.