Mediasonic Probox 8-bay 3. I also use the rename drive in Windows with the same name. Surely you’ve spent enough time, money, and headaches that it would have been less expensive to buy the Supermicro chassis from ebay at that price, no? Nor, would I recommend it to our users. You’ll know which drive went bad though from the messages in FreeNAS. I have 30 drives in my system, though only 26 are in the pool. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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I’ve been running smooth since Jan of when I replaced the card.

Mediasonic Hp1-ss3 2 Port External SATA 3 / III 6.0 Gbps PCI Express Card

Sign up for a new account in our community. Posted August 1, I need my blinky lights.

The Probox just arrived. Its been running great for me for years.

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Posted March 28, If you need more drives, get a proper case that will support your needs. Currently looks better than the local cineplex so I wouldn’t go to 4k until prices are way down for the projectors and the media itself.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. The RC can only multiplex one of the two ports so isn’t the right card for a DrivePool box.


Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Gawd, someone write a guide on the front page please! For meansurement of medasonic consumption and performance under normal usage scenarios, a few mix-and-matched rpm 1 TB hard drives from Samsung and Seagate were used. Joined Feb 15, Messages 15, Thanks 3, Under this use the Probox has been disappearing several times a day.

Joined Jan 22, Messages 4, Thanks Though Asus doesn’t specifically claim port multiplier support in the board, the data vard for the Marvell controller indicated that it was compliant. As 8TB drives work have one so far I will be able to add 64 TB more without swapping out mediasojic drives. Drashna recommended a card based on the chipset a few years ago and ever since I got it it has been working flawlessly.

This opens up the possibility of 4K movies. Go To Question Listing Hardware. I’m a bit inebriated at the moment. So the setup works great, but I would only use it for like a home system or something.

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Mediasonic Probox 8-bay 3. Hopefully the right card will fix this issue. If blinky lights are your concern, dard at these: I have my two boxes running off of the same card. Thanks for sharing your experience. You’ll burn a few more watts than with modern gear, but it should work well as a FreeNAS server.


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Mediasonic Hp1-ss3 2 Port External SATA 3 / III Gbps PCI Express Card | eBay

And you never know if you want to plugin another esata device in the future. After about a year and a half of solid performance the Probox started to occasionally disappear. The operation is in single mode JBOD only, making the unit quite straightforward to use for the consumer. I ran wdidle3 to stop the heads from parking but a couple of the drives already had K plus load cycles before I figured that out.

Now the nice part was that all I had to do was reboot and the volume showed right back up again.