I am confident that if I can remove the drive and format it in another machine this should resolve the issue probably where the boot records have got messed up on the disk. I really just want a lightweight and reliable laptop for the courses I run… and I have been very pleased with the other Freevents laptop. But that was all — the laptop froze on the POST screen and refused to progress any further. Perhaps try removing the device from device manager and reinstall the drivers? Other than that it runs sound on XP, we bought it with XP installed, but will never buy a laptop from WC-porld ever again and especially not one with a made up name by a company that swears it never released it. The bottoms coming off again though because i beleive that crucial are on the verge of launching their solid state Sata drives which i think will have a marked improvement in several areas of performance. A fujitsu 80Gb for a fujitsu GB.

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All my other software and data is backed up.

Philips Freevents x59

This one gets me. In fact, this should be a direct link to it. I think that I have tried booting from a usb drive to update the bios but nothing seems to work. What extension do they have etc.


To get the normal letters, Feeevents have to press the blue Fn key. You might even find XP SP2 has the drivers built in already. January 11th, 1.

I chose to delete all partitions at the install screen. Following your instructions I now have an XP system, and all my software running sweetly, done rreevents about a day. BUT what driver was it exactly……the exact name? Dekay, I am trying to locate Xp drivers for the 12NB My problem is trivial compared with trying to run XP over a Vista installation and other headaches.

How to install XP on a Philips Freevents laptop

Or suddenly the cursor, of its own accord moves to a sidebar and starts scrolling the page up or down. X56 you look the muts nuts but you are the illegitimate son of WC-world We have had it now for a long time and the silver has worn off around the mouse.

Please if anyone can help email me matt otlclothing. Seems like a step back to me. Hey Ian,…In the end I removed the hard drive and fomatted it . Any idea how to remove it?

Philips Freevents x59 | NotebookReview

In reply to the last 2 comments, i recently upgraded mine from 1gb to 2gb of ram. I was able to access the bios in the begining but cant even get to that now. Hi Just read some of you blog.

The keyboard is a fair size and responsive; a little cramped when it comes to the arrow keys, ctrl and alt, but I have small hands so thats ok for me at And another thing a may suggest, is. The mouse pad is responsive, a little smooth to the touch, maybe could have been given a slighlty different texture to differentiate from the rest of the laptop.


John RatseyJul 11, Ubuntu Linux on 11NB Recently installed win 7 from DVD on a perfectly working vista X Ah well — the joys of PC World await me — thanks again j.

Last possibility to recover the HD, my be the following: I know that I need satz do it from the recovery partition but I do not know how and cannot find any instructions on the net. Hi Nick, Looks like a J12S to me: Thanks alot for your quick response!

Just wondering — frewvents you installed XP on yours, did you first boot onto the XP CD and use that to remove all the existing partitions and then create a new one? I really just want a lightweight and reliable laptop for the courses I run… and I have been very pleased with the other Freevents laptop.