I haven’t tested this, but if it works, I think a lot of folks will be quite happy! You can then burn that disc image onto a blank disc at a later date. However, you could have disabled the feature in Nero by just unticking a checkbox Seems like a pretty good deal! The drive, other than the lower-than-front-bezel burn speed, seems to work fine. News from Macworld Lyft for Work challenges Uber for Business in the battle for corporate dollars Let the right one in:

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Mon Dec 01, 4: So it isn’t that. Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld.

However, some features of this new type of laptop need to be removed, just to achieve the sleek and thin form factor. Maybe sprinkling goat blood on it, will make it work better next time Sometimes, it’s all just voodoo -Danger Mouse. Any tips on that? But he said he updated correctly we assume the firmware on a different drive.

Use the file below and save as your own profile ie: Plextor cilly http: Anyone tried the firmware updater after getting the drive to work with iDVD et al?


External DVD Writers

Not sure about buring bootable CDs tho. Seeing as how I bought this drive to replace a dying 24x, I wanted a bigger speed bump! DiscCopy will now recognize eriter burner and attempt to use it. Is this fix only for Jaguar or can it be used with Panther as well?

Tue Dec 02, My TDK will only burn Fuji’s at 32x’s. My Artec 48x burner detects some 48x media I have as 24x.

The default options should be fine. Browse Related Browse Related. I had previously upgraded it using the Powerbook Superdrive Firmware Upgrade provided bythanks to him, and activated in OS Just because someone claims their media is rated wtiter such is no reason to beleive them. I have the same drive, for some reason the highest rate I get is 48x in Nero. Drag or copy the ide52224 files into the window.

Mon Dec 01, 7: Also, this file will allow you to iee5224 via Disc Utils and the Finder, but not in iTunes. Input the command “drutil info” this will give you the device output as below: When the disc burning is complete, it will eject automatically. With that file, System Profiler will display “Disc Burning: That is usually the fix for problems like this. I’m not optimistic about internal drive vendors doing this, though, since MacOS X users represent such a tiny lde5224 of their sales.


Yes this works perfectly!

Liste der unterst├╝tzenen CD/DVD/BD-Laufwerken

Does anyone else’s Mac refuse to see the burner on the ATA bus altogether when in Personally I would writeer the correct firmware back on the drive and just burn at what the drive detects as a safe speed. It gave full normal system support in I tried several of the above solutions.

This will put the files in a disc imagewhich will be saved on your computer.