The controls on it are fairly self-explanatory. When running, the software continuously triggers the A instrument to perform measurements, unless “Pause reading” is selected. I will do my best! It is thus recommended to avoid “AUTO” circuit mode for sweeps. If this happens, previous values can be restored with the “undo” button. The easiest way to “tune” the remaining parameters’ values is using the mouse wheel.

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For optimal accuracy, the selected feedline should first be characterized over the frequency range of interest, using a oabview load at its far end — for example, terminating a ohm line with a precision ohm resistor. Enter the GPIB address for the instrument here. As the values of each parameter are changed, the corresponding impedance data is plotted against the measurement data.

Software: A Impedance Analysis

Basically, it does nothing after scan is completed and I can see the Example. Message 10 of Non-NI adapters may require additional software drivers or configuration steps.

1492a Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. At least one data set must have an active fit criteria selected, and generally, fitting both sets simultaneously is appropriate.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies 4192A

Do you think we need to modify the VI so that the Log Sweep function will work? Are the Keysight A and B milliohmmeters code compatible? If multiple GPIB adapters are or were recently present, you might need to specify which card to use in the “Instr.


Skin effect causes the effective resistance of conductors to increase with frequency. The software will not automatically turn off the bias after the sweep. Ensure that NI labgiew I frequently use a length of RG or similar coaxial line, adapted at the near end directly to the A test fixture.

As a matter of factor, I do not know Labview much. If you find this software to be especially useful, please write me a note to let me know, or acknowledge it in your paper or thesis. Write back if you have further problems.

Data Acquisition – HP/Agilent A Impedance Analyzer with Prologix USB GPIB Interface

Labviw I went to the lab and tried to replace this measure. Thank you very much. Requesting excessively tight fit tolerance will thus cause the fit to time out.

This provides a convenient expression for the transmission line’s characteristic impedance, which I believe to be approximately valid from the lower range of useful frequencies for impedance analysis, through the higher frequencies up to the onset of skin-effect behavior. If the instrument automatically changes circuit modes during a sweep e. When loading prior data, a dialog box will appear to enable selection labciew the measurement type. The actual resistance vs. However, after the sweep is completed, it doesn’t pop up the window where I used to be able to specify the excel file name under which I store the data.


See search results instead: In practice I have not encountered situations where modeling the low-frequency impedance of a transmission line has been particularly important in the analysis of impedance sweeps. I labvies into the LabView Library and replaced the old driver with this guy. How can I decode binary data with an external PC after I save measurement data in binary format into floppy disk on the A? Hi, Yes, I mean how to control the machine with the downloaded VI.

And where can I find this update software? This is especially important for parameters that tend to dominate the model behavior at default values.

After the completion of the sweep, you may save or otherwise export the data for analysis. Have you checked the instrument’s manual?